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Interim President's Message

Daphne deGregory-Miaoulis

July 1, 2022 A turnover from Ken Hutton to Daphne deGregory-Miaoulis I want to officially thank Ken for the years of service that he gave to the organization and community through very difficult times. He hasn’t left us and he continues to give his support. As VP I automatically became his replacement and interim President. 


After having taken up the baton,  I immediately took on the role of fighting for the continuation of the SERZ concessions for Abaco & Grand Bahama Islands. I wrote letters, gave several radio interviews, used the press and held a press conference with the support of the business and church community in an appeal to government for the much needed extensions. Unfortunately we did not get the results that we had hoped for but, I cannot believe that, if it weren’t for the pressure that was put on government that they would have made the concessions that they eventually did, inadequate as they may be. Persons who had been granted approvals could apply for extensions based on their previously granted approval, no new applicants could apply. There is also the Family Island Encouragement Act that allows an individual homeowner or business to apply for concessions allowed for under that Act. All available on the My Gateway portal.


In spite of its challenges, Abaco and the Cays have certainly rebounded in 2022! We now have shopping plazas, new restaurants, gift stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, courier services we’re practically back in a 1st world business environment that we previously enjoyed. Our population has grown from a few hundred in 2019 to a few thousand today and our much needed visitors are returning. We have new second home owners taking up residence and are anxious to support our growth and our tourist market is increasing.


We do however still have hurricane damaged buildings that are an unwelcome reminder of what was and they need to be removed or rebuilt. They detract from the efforts of all the other buildings around them and for our 1st time visitors, not a pleasant site. We need to continue to put pressure on our local government and members of parliament to take action in rectifying this situation.


The Abaco Chamber is a prestigious organization however, it needs Members from all walks of life to make it an effective one. Our Directors are all volunteers, we all have busy lives and commitments, but we recognize that it is only through our participation that we as a business community can affect the changes that we would like and need for our island to be the best place to live and do business in the country. We need to work together to protect and have a say in how our island is developed to ensure that we grow in the direction that fits the image that we would like it to. I would like to suggest that going into the new year we schedule regular monthly meetings where we can come together and network, make suggestions and exchange ideas. I encourage all businesses to get involved, we need you and Abaco needs you. 


There are new ambitious initiatives going on in agricultural in an effort to reduce imports of food by growing our own. Backyard farming is becoming the new norm growing edible landscaping and as well as new opportunities for commercial fishing and farming. We have to take food security as a serious focus for our future. Growing organically to protect our precious water and air quality. Without food, water and clean air we cannot live healthy lives. With the unstable world that we are living in today, pandemics and engineered food, not,to mention the rising costs, living on islands dependent on imports makes us extremely vulnerable. We have to get serious and put mechanisms in place to safeguard against not being able to feed ourselves. 


We especially wish to thank our donors Templeton and corporate sponsors Aliv & Cable Bahamas for their constant support without whom we would not be able to function. We also invite other organizations or individuals who wish to support to please do so.  With additional funding we can provide more support to our business community and the community at large.


God bless you and your families, and we wish you a safe and joyous Christmas Season and the very best for the new year 2023! 

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Abaco Chamber of Commerce

SERZ Survey

The new Special Economic Reconstruction Zone Orders have been issued by the Government of The Bahamas as of January 5, 2022.  For the most part, the new SERZ Order is the same as previous SERZ Orders with the exception that CONSTRUCTION SERVICES is no longer Zero VAT rated.  This means you will now have to pay 10% VAT for all contractors, carpenters, roofers, drywallers, electricians, plumbers, air conditioning technicians, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, etc.  The Abaco Chamber of Commerce would like your feedback on this issue.

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