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Abaco Business Outlook Postponed

The 16th annual Abaco Business Outlook slated for this Thursday has been postponed due to the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, its organisers said yesterday.

Joan Albury, President, TCL Group and chief organizer of the Abaco Business​ Outlook said in a statement: “In the wake the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, we hereby notify our speakers, sponsors, participants and other interested persons, TCL Group is​ obliged to postpone the 16th Annual Abaco Business Outlook, which was​ scheduled for Thursday, September 5. We will hasten to apprise all concerned​ when a new date is available.”​

#She continued: “We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all who were slated to​ contribute to the forum in some way or other—active forum participants, the​ Local Administration, the Abaco Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Tourism,​ Abaco Beach Resort in Marsh Harbour, which had prepared to host the event, as​ well as Abaconians in general. You all have always shown us such wonderful​ hospitality. I can promise that we will return in a way that will be as beneficial to​ the island as our resources can make it.”​

#Mrs Albury said all efforts should be concentrated on helping the people of Abaco and Grand Bahama. “As I am sure is the case with all Bahamians of goodwill at this trying time,​ our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Abaco and Grand Bahama, who​ have borne the brunt of that seemingly implacable force of nature. Several have​ lost people dear to them and many others have lost homes and businesses. We​ fear that, in all likelihood, some will be jobless because of the disruption of​ business activity.”​

#She continued: “Now is the time to concentrate on what we can do to help the people of​ the Grand Bahama and Abaco—the hardest hit islands, remembering too that​ there are residents of Eleuthera and New Providence who will also have suffered​ loss, owing mostly to flooding and power interruptions. This is no time for trolling,​ recriminations or talk of what might have been, but a time to look for​ opportunities to build stronger and move forward to a better future. Each and​ every one of us can do something, whether material or spiritual, to bring order​ and hope back to our fellow Bahamians for the good of our beloved Bahamas as​ a whole.”

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