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Doctors, dentists offices ordered closed to non-emergency services

Under a newly amended emergency powers order, all private medical and dental practices are ordered to eliminate all routine and non-emergency physical encounters with patients, and shall as best as possible provide all routine and non-emergency services using virtual or remote means excluding private renal dialysis facilities.

The amended Emergency Powers (COVID 19) (NO. 2) Order, 2020 also mandates that where physical interaction is a necessity due to a medical emergency there must be strict adherence to physical distancing and hygienic requirements.

Additionally, the prime minister has exempted money transmission businesses from closure during the emergency period, which lasts until April 8.

This refers only to money transmission businesses that are operating from premises that are stand alone, meaning that clients can enter without the need to go through another premises, and which are unconnected to, or to be found within, any other business premises for the purpose of domestic money transfers only.

They are allowed to operate from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Saturday only.

Where possible, only essential workers necessary for the performance of the core functions of these businesses are to be utilized, while adhering at all times to physical distancing requirements specified in the order.

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