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Dr. Judson Eneas, towering figure in the medical community, dies after testing positive for COVID-19

The Nassau Guardian April 5, 2020

Dr. Judson Eneas, who tested positive for COVID-19, died in hospital last night, Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands confirmed.

Dr. Eneas was 72.

This is The Bahamas’ fifth COVID-19 related death.

In an email, President of Doctors Hospital Dr. Charles Diggis said Dr. Eneas’s death represents a great loss.

“There is no easy way to accept the loss of a colleague,” he said. “We are still at the beginning of a fight which looms to take us through turbulent times over the next months… and it will continue to have casualties. [T]his will change us all forever.

“Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to Dr Eneas’ family. He was with our dream and vision from inception. This is a great loss.

“Be safe and be careful. Cherish and protect those you love…. additional words seem so useless right now.

“The ultimate sacrifice – doctors on the frontline – patient above self.”

Dr. Eneas is survived by his wife, Marcheta, and their three children.

Up to last night, the Ministry of Health said 324 people were quarantined.

Twenty-eight people have tested positive for the virus.

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