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Four more cases of COVID-19 confirmed

The Nassau Guardian April 4, 2020

The Ministry of Health has reported four new cases of COVID-19 in The Bahamas.

This comes as Grand Bahama recorded its first death of a COVID-19 patient.

“The Ministry of Health confirms the overnight death of case number 23, an 80-year-old male patient hospitalized in Grand Bahama, previously confirmed to have COVID-19 with no direct links to other cases,” a Ministry of Health statement said.

“Investigations are being conducted into the details of this unfortunate death.”

As it relates to the four new COVID-19 patients, the ministry said two of them have been hospitalized.

It said one of the patients — a 51-year-old woman living on New Providence — is listed in stable condition.

However, according to the ministry, a 48-year-old man, who lives on New Providence, recently diagnosed with COVID-19 has been hospitalized and is “very ill”.

So far, four people confirmed to have COVID-19 have died in The Bahamas.

The previous deaths were recorded on New Providence and Bimini.

The ministry said 324 people are quarantined.

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