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Lockdown 'Having Positive Effect In Grand Bahama'


Tribune Freeport Reporter

KWASI Thompson, State Minister for Grand Bahama, says the lockdowns are having a positive effect in Grand Bahama where the number of COVID cases has not exceeded seven.

#“We are pleased that we have not seen an increase in the numbers in Grand Bahama. To date, our numbers remain at seven, with two recovered, two deceased, and one remains hospitalised,” he reported this week at the Office of the Prime Minister in Freeport.

#“Now is not the time to be complacent or let our guard down. We must remain focused on battling this virus by staying home and complying with social distancing,” he said.

#Minister Thompson is urging residents to adhere to the curfew and lockdowns, and social distancing measures put in place to curtail the spread of the virus.

#He noted that “we still have far too many people on the roads up and about during the 24 hour lockdown. The public is reminded to remain home unless you are an essential worker or visiting a place that has been exempted”.

#In terms of social distance measures, Mr Thompson noted that some stores are not complying.

#“We are also advised that some stores in Grand Bahama are not complying with social distancing inside their stores and outside the stores. In addition, some residents are entering stores without masks.

#“I want to strongly remind store owners to put in place measures that will ensure social distancing inside and outside, and ensure that no one is allowed to enter your establishment unless wearing a mask.”

#He stated that the government remains focused on ensuring adequate facilities for the treatment of COVID-19 cases are available on the island.

#In addition to existing modules at the Rand Hospital and the Cancer Association Building, which is being prepared to receive patients, Mr Thompson said a new isolation facility is also being completed at the Rand Hospital.

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