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Road Traffic Department to re-open with drive-through operation

The Nassau Guardian April 19, 2020

The Road Traffic Department has implemented a new drive-through vehicle inspection and registration process which begins Monday.

Thousands of motorists were unable to complete their vehicle registration last month after the government’s emergency 24-hour curfew measures were implemented.

Road Traffic officials said the public was not adhering to social distancing protocols, therefore, the department closed.

However, the department explained the new structure Sunday evening, which will require people remain in their vehicles.

“There will be no walk-up customers. Clients will remain in their vehicles for most, if not all, of the process; and all clients must wear a mask while conducting business at the department. Only the stadium location will be open to serve the public. All clients will begin the process on the outside of the stadium gate,” the department said.

Motorists who queued in long lines last month and were unable to complete the registration process are being given first priority this week to complete the process.

“Monday and Tuesday of the week of April 20 are designated for March private registered vehicles only,” the statement noted.

“Clients who attained their inspection certificate but were not able to continue the licensing process before the lockdown will be given priority at 7 a.m. on Monday morning. You must have the inspection certificate, disk, valid insurance certificate and you must be in the vehicle.”

The process for vehicle licensing will follow the usually inspection process, but the department has made adjustments to complete the inspection within the immediate area of the inspection site.

“If and once the clients’ vehicles have successfully passed the road worthiness exam, they will proceed (while remaining in their vehicles) through the southern service gate of the stadium. Their documents will be collected by one of our customer service runners then processed,” the Road Traffic Department noted.

“Payment will then be collected and submitted to the cashier. If clients are using card payment they will then be allowed to enter the cashier area (in controlled amounts). Once complete, the customers will receive their receipts and all of their applicable newly issued government regalia, such as title certificate, inspection disk, plate, etc.”

As for the renewal of driver’s licenses, the Road Traffic Department stated it is only renewing the blue automated driver’s license cards.

“Customers would cue to the designated lane at the southern service gate of the stadium. Cards will be sanitized and verified. Once all necessary documents are provided, a runner will transport the cards to data entry clerks,” the department stated.

“Once the renewal process is complete, payment will be collected and submitted to the cashier. If the clients are using card payment they will be allowed to enter the cashier area in controlled amounts.

“There is a designated WhatsApp line for clients who have paid for their driver’s license but have not picked them up, as well as company clients who may need to deliver outstanding packages. Clients will be issued a pick-up time and date. The WhatsApp number is 242-604-5426.”

More details can be found on the department’s social media pages.

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