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Securities Commission issues warning over Forex Trading risks

EyeWitness News BusinessJuly 2, 2020July 2, 2020 at 3:36 am Natario McKenzie

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Securities  Commission  has  issued a warning to the public over the increasingly popular Forex  trading, noting that it is ‘highly speculative’ and carries ‘increased risk of financial loss’. The SCB in a notice said that it has come to the Commission’s attention that members of the public are being solicited to join programs being presented as multi‐level marketing (MLM) programs offering training so they  can  personally invest in foreign currency exchange trading, or ‘FOREX’ as it is commonly called. “There  are  various  programs  and/or  schemes  which  are  becoming  increasingly  popular  in  The  Bahamas as they are reportedly offering Forex training to the general public so that purportedly  persons  can  ultimately  engage  in  trading  for  themselves.    These  entities  are  not  in  any  way  licensed or sanctioned by the Commission.    “Individuals should be aware that Forex trading is a highly speculative activity that carries with it a significantly increased risk of financial loss. “Those persons who engage in Forex trading solely for  themselves should be aware that losses can go well beyond the amount of their initial investment,” the Commission warned. It also pointed out that it is an offense for persons to trade in Forex for and behalf of other persons without being registered by the Commission.    “The Commission is very concerned and advises the public to be  aware of  these unregistered individuals, or entities which are operating in or  from within The  Bahamas.  Further, the Commission urges the public not to engage, or continue any dealings, with  these entities or related persons,” the SCB said. Any person who has a complaint, and or further information in relation to the above scam should  contact Gawaine Ward, Manager, Enforcement Department at the Securities Commission of  The  Bahamas  at  telephone  number  397‐4100  or  in  writing  to  P.O.  Box  N‐8347,  Nassau,  The  Bahamas or via e‐mail:

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