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Treco-Mackey defends decision to travel back to Bahamas

The Nassau Guardian May 12, 2020

Bahamas Consul General in Miami Linda Treco-Mackey yesterday defended her decision to travel to New Providence with returning Bahamians and residents.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis revealed that a COVID-positive man was among 51 people to fly to Grand Bahama on Friday.

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis then called on the government to explain why Treco-Mackey was permitted “to board a repatriation flight to The Bahamas when she should be manning her post in Miami”.

“We point out that a seat on the plane could have been used for another Bahamian who needs to come home,” Davis said in a statement.

Yesterday, Treco-Mackey, who came on the first Bahamasair flight on Friday, said she wasn’t sure what the criticism was all about.

“I think that everyone understands that we’re all teleworking,” she told The Nassau Guardian.

“So, if you have a computer and a phone, you can work from anywhere. The office is not unmanned. I have a deputy. I have foreign service officers. I have staff who are working constantly. So, the [view] that things stop or it’s a one-man band, that’s just not how we operate a business.”

Treco-Mackey said provision was made for 200 Bahamians to return on Friday, however, some individuals did not take advantage of the opportunity.

As a result, she said, she decided to board the flight to ensure the exercise was completed successfully.

“I know there were some persons who had some issues,” Treco-Mackey said.

“There was one young lady whose mother had passed and I also had the hard copy of the [COVID-19] results that I needed to hand over to the [Ministry of] Health.”

The man who tested positive for COVID-19, who got off in Grand Bahama took, the afternoon flight on Friday.

He was traveling with three others, according to Minnis. The prime minister said all four individuals have been retested.

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